A platform aimed at helping artists build their artist career by mentoring them on creative, career, and mental wellbeing decisions.

How We Work

After years of being active in the music industry, we’ve noticed certain patterns in successful artist careers. Most people think that talent is everything you need to become successful but that simply isn’t true.

A successful artist career consists out of three elements:

  1. Creative | The Music
  2. Career | The Business
  3. Mental | The Mental Health

We’ve combined our knowledge, experience and international network to create a coaching program that builds a sustainable and successful artist career.

First, the Creative Mentoring pack, we will take your music to the next level. You will get your own professional music mentor which will personally assist you to make your music sound professional.

Second, once your music is at a professional level, we can start working on the business side of your artist career. Creating music is one thing, making money from it is something else. In the Career Coaching pack, we will build your artist career, together.

Third, the Mental Coaching pack. Building an artist’s career and becoming successful with it can be mentally challenging and could take its toll. That’s why we will personally coach you to remain healthy and balanced in your artist career.

Before starting the coaching program, all artists will go through an intake procedure in which we determine where your needs are at that moment so we can make a plan, custom-tailored to your personal goals and dreams.

What Can We Help You With?

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