Career Coaching

Why are some artists able to make a living from their music and some aren’t?

Most artists have spent years mastering the skill of music production.

They have locked themselves up in the studio to create music that sounds professionally and now is ready to be released.

You might have released a couple of songs already but somehow not much is happening…

Do you recognize this?

  • Labels don’t get back to you and it’s hard to get your music signed
  • You’ve released music but don’t have any gigs
  • You are looking for professional feedback on your music
  • You struggle to build a network in the music industry
  • You don’t know what to post on social media

What most artists don’t know is that releasing music isn’t enough…

If you want to become successful as an artist, you need to make sure that your music sounds professional, you understand how to build a business, a brand and how to stay mentally balanced while doing it.

You might feel like you’ve tried everything at this point… You feel lost.

You’ve bought online courses, watched tutorials and talked to your friends and family about it but nothing seems to work.

You are looking for an experienced coach that you can trust and who is able to help you build your artist career.

That’s where we come in.

The Main Focus In Career Coaching

Your Music
Your Career
Your Mental Health

The Value Of Career Coaching

Talk to Professional Artists

Get coached by artists that are experienced and certified.

Get Feedback On Your Music

Send your music to get professional feedback whenever you want.

Crush Your Goals

It’s hard to be self-disciplined. That’s why we will help you to set achievable goals and hold you accountable for it.

Save Time, Grow Fast.

Stop wasting time and find out which steps to take next in order to create growth in your career.

How It Works

Intake Call

In the intake call, we will discover at what stage you are in your artist journey and what you need to do to build a successful and sustainable artist career.

Monthly Coaching Sessions

Each month, you can pick a time and date that works best for you to meet with your coach on or offline. You will also stay in touch through email in between the sessions.


After one year, you’ll have an evaluation session with your coach to look back on the result and discuss if it’s time for the next step, the Mental Coaching Program.

Meet Your Coaches

What our clients say

The Extras

Stay In Contact

Life happens from time to time and that’s why we don’t want to keep you waiting until your next session. You can reach out to your coach in between sessions through Email to get a quick response.

Get Connected

We have built an enormous international network over the years and we’re not afraid to use it for your benefits.

Build Your Network

Getting to know new people in the industry is hard. That’s why we connect everyone together.

Music Production Studio

We have our own humble studio that clients may use at their convience.

Our Options

Improve your music to a professional level

Creative Coaching

  • Monthly Coaching Sessions
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Turn your hobby into a career

Career Coaching

  • Monthly Coaching Session
  • 4 x Music Feedback Moments
  • Access To International Network
  • Access To Artist Coaching Studio
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Be fit enough to enjoy the ride

Mental Coaching

  • Monthly Coaching Session
  • Unlimited Music Feedback Moments
  • Access To International Network
  • Access To Artist Coaching Studio
  • 24/7 Contact With Coach
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