Creative Coaching

Why is my music not sounding as professional as everyone else’s?

If you’re like most artists, you probably have spent a lot of time developing your music production skill but somehow your music still isn’t sounding professional.

Every time you listen to your own music, you feel like something is not quite there yet…

It’s not about the gear, it’s about getting the right feedback.

  • You have shown your music to your friends and family but they weren’t capable to give you professional feedback
  • You have spent hours watching tutorials online but still don’t know what to do
  • You’ve even bought online courses to fix the problem but that left you with even more questions

You are tired of wasting time and want to make professional sounding music.

We’re here to help you out.

The Main Focus In Creative Coaching

Your Music
Your Career
Your Mental Health

The Value Of Creative Coaching

Talk to Professional Artists

Get coached by professional and experienced artists.

Improve Your Music

Start creating music that is ready to be released.

How It Works

1. Intake Call

In the intake call, we will discover at what stage you are in your artist journey and what you need to improve your music.

2. Monthly Coaching Session

Each month, you can pick a time and date that works best for you to meet with your coach on or offline.

3. Learn and Improve

During the coaching sessions, your music will start to improve. When your music has reached a professional level, it’s time to switch to the Career Coaching Program.

Meet Your Coaches

Multi Platinum Award-Winning DJ & Producer

Sam Feldt

What our clients say

Our Options

Improve your music to a professional level

Creative Coaching

  • Monthly Coaching Sessions
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Turn your hobby into a career

Career Coaching

  • Monthly Coaching Session
  • 4 x Music Feedback Moments
  • Access To International Network
  • Access To Artist Coaching Studio
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Be fit enough to enjoy the ride

Mental Coaching

  • Monthly Coaching Session
  • Unlimited Music Feedback Moments
  • Access To International Network
  • Access To Artist Coaching Studio
  • 24/7 Contact With Coach
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