Becoming successful is hard but staying successful might be even harder.

Most artists have worked their asses off to achieve any form of success in their careers and they probably have sacrificed important things along the way.

They are hyper-focused on one goal but tend to forget about the most important thing in life, themselves.

Do you recognize this?

  • You feel like you’ve lost your goal in your music career
  • You feel unhappy but can’t seem to put your finger on the problem
  • You feel like you constantly have to switch between characters and have lost the connection to the ‘real’ you

The emotional rollercoaster that a successful artist goes through on a daily basis can be exhausting and could lead to serious mental challenges.

You first have to figure out who you are and why you do what you do before you can start taking care of other things in life.

At Artist Coaching, our main goal is to create well-balanced artist careers that are successful and sustainable for the future.

We create custom coaching programs and work with experienced certified NLP coaches who are able to help you in your situation.

The Main Focus

Your Music
Your Career
Your Mental Health

The Value

Talk To a Like-Minded Person

Talk to someone who understands the context of an artist’s life and understands how the music industry works.

Neutral Sparring Partner

Have a sparring partner to get neutral feedback on your music, talk about business-related challenges and become mentally balanced.

Have a Coach, On Speed Dial

Never feel lonely again and stay in contact with your coach over email or WhatsApp 24/7.

Be Mentally Resilient

Deal with all the mental challenges that might appear along your artistic journey and remain to have a balanced and happy life.

How It Works

Intake Call

In the intake call, we will discover at what stage you are in your artist journey and what you need to do to build a successful and sustainable artist career.

Monthly Coaching Sessions

Each month, you can pick a time and date that works best for you to meet with your coach on or offline. You will also have contact with your coach 24/7 over email or WhatsApp.

Mental Maintenance

Create an overview of your artist’s career and keep working on your mental health each month in order to have a successful and sustainable life.

Meet Your Coach

What Our Clients Say About Us


“We wanted to get a second opinion, a sparring partner and someone who could help us through the hard mentally challenging times in our artist lives. That’s where Artist Coaching came in.”


“Ever since I started my coaching sessions I’ve been able to put my life into perspective, zoom out and get a grip on my day to day life. It’s helping me find balance in a chaotic world.”

Our Options

Improve Your Music


  • Access To Exclusive Content
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Build Your Career

DIY Artist

  • Everything from Starter
  • +
  • 1 Hour Coaching Session
  • 4 x Music Feedback
  • Creative Sparring
  • Access to Private Discord
  • Access to Exclusive Events
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Mental Maintenance


  • Everything in DIY Artist
  • +
  • 1.5 Hour Coaching Session
  • Unlimited Music Feedback
  • 24/7 Contact With Coach
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Why We Do What We Do